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When was the last time you double checked to make sure your data is secure? What about the data you handle for your clients?

We recently told folks using 竞彩体育平台 software  they should change their passwords after we responded to the Heartbleed bug, which affected half the Internet. Very few people use only half the Internet, so security breaches impact almost everyone with an Internet connection.

New vulnerabilities pop up daily. Changing one setting can save you from a  stressful week . For instance, Buffer’s GitHub account was hacked  before it implemented 2-step authentication.

Having a long term strategy in place to protect your data and your clients’ data is crucial.

Data Security for You and Your Clients

See how you score to determine how vulnerable you could be:

Data Security Score for You and Your Clients

Share This Infographic On Your Site

Use this list to make sure your data and your clients’ data is secure. Checking this important item off your list is low impact and high reward. Plus, you’ll have a great reason to reach out to clients.

1. Enable 2-Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication for everything you can. If you use Google, start by securing Gmail and Google Drive  for any work and personal accounts. Loads of services support 2-factor authentication including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Dropbox, LastPass, Evernote, Paypal, Amazon Web Services and GitHub.

2. Use a Password Manager

Use a password manager and maintain separate, strong passwords for all of your accounts. Use  something like LastPass or 1Password . Be sure to use a unique, strong password for this account. Consider using a pass phrase  and make sure you enable 2-factor authentication for your password manager.

3. Use Different Passwords for Everything

Using your password manager, create different strong passwords for all your accounts. Review the categories below and build a list to knock out. Remember to change all passwords for work and personal accounts.

Consider services for:

  1. Email (remember any accounts you setup for projects or social accounts)
  2. Code (domain name registrars, DNS software, hosting, file transfer apps, server software and code repositories)
  3. Banking
  4. Ad platforms
  5. Marketing software
  6. Blogs
  7. Social media accounts
  8. Team and communication apps

4. Password Protect Your Mobile Devices

Make sure you have a strong password protecting your mobile phones and tablets.

iOS:  Settings > Passcode

Android:  Settings > Security > Screen Lock

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5. Encrypt Data on Your Mobile Devices

iOS:  Settings > Passcode > Erase Data

Set your iOS device to delete all data after 10 consecutive failed password attempts. Pro Tip: If you have small kids, don’t let them play with your iPhone anymore.

Android:  Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone

If you have Android devices, you can encrypt all your personal data.

6. Password Protect Your Computers

Don’t forget about those old laptops sitting in the intern’s room or the computer in the podcast corner.

Mac:  Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Require Password

Windows:  Control Panel > User Accounts > Add a user with a password  

7. Encrypt Data on Your Computers

Mac:  Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault > Turn On FileVault

Windows 7 and 8:  Search for “BitLocker” and follow steps to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption

Linux: Encrypt your home directory.

8. Set up Location Services

Setup location services for your phones, tablets and laptops.

Mac:  Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Find My Mac

iOS:   Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone/iPad

Windows/Linux: Download and set up Prey .

Android:   Download and set up Lookout .

9. Use a Secure Backup Solution

If you are backing up data, make sure your second set of data is encrypted. Services like  Backblaze  or Mozy  can do this behind the scenes for you.

10. Make Sure Your Team is as Secure as You

A network is as strong as the weakest link. Share this post with your team if you don’t already have a security checklist in place.

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