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As participation marketing continues to gain traction as the most effective way to market a website, niche social networks are emerging as a crucial part of that strategy. While Facebook and Twitter can play an integral part in social media campaigns, they don’t always have the best targeted users and groups. Whereas, niche social networks, like cork’d and Social Workout, provide highly targeted communities for marketers.

Although we spent a great deal of time finding and reviewing each niche social network, we know we probably missed some. If we’re missing a niche social network that you think belongs on this list, let us know @raventools and we’ll check it out.

Niche Social Networks


Connosr Niche Social Networks - Alcohol

Snooth Social Network for Alcohol Snooth – Snooth is the world’s largest and most comprehensive wine site, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines. With the slew of cutting edge features that we have pioneered, Snooth is changing the way people buy wine.

corkd Cork’d – Cork’d was a playground for winelovers. Winelovers could review, share and discuss wine in a fun, interactive way. Users can rated wines they’ve tasted, kept track of wines they’d like buy and learned more about wine. They also interacted and shared their favorite wines, wineries and grapes with their drinking buddies. Unfortunately, this social network reached the bottom of the bottle and has closed up shop for good.


Birdpost Niche Social Networks - Animal

animalsn1 Animal Social Network – Animal Social Network is a social network for animal owners so they can share about their pets and favorite animals! Update: This site is no longer available.

mycatspace1 My Cat Space – A free cat and kitten lovers’ online social community for all cat breeds, created exclusively for cats, kittens and cat lovers to share cute cat photos, blogs, videos, pals, cat tips, funny cat stories and more. Update: This site is no longer available.

mydogspace1 My Dog Space – A free dog and puppy community for all dog breeds – because our dogs and puppies deserves a My Space too! Update: This site now redirects to a dating website.

dogstercom Dogster – is your one-stop resource for dog and puppy information. We have adorable profiles of puppies and dogs with photos, videos and diaries.

fuzzster1 Fuzzster – Where our fuzzy pets can meet other fuzzy pets and owners! Invite your friends and their fuzzy pets to join, and meet other interesting people with pets just like you.

dognetwork1 Dog Network – Dog Network is your home for all things relating to your dog. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to care for your dog or are looking for new friendships with other dog owners, this will become easily accessible by joining the dog network.

wagger1 Wagger – Wagger is the international social networking site for all dogs, pedigree or crossbreed, and for their loyal and faithful human companions. Wagger allows the 21st century dog to keep track of their friends from the park, fellow competitors at shows and family around the world.

unitedcats2 UnitedCats – Unitedcats helps you communicate with other cat-owners from around the world and take better care of your cat.



Niche Social Networks - Animation

Art & Design:

Visual Progression Niche Social Networks - Visual Progression

myartspace2 My Art Space – myartspace is the premier online venue for contemporary art. myartspace is an online community with more than 50,000 artists, collectors, students, teachers, gallerists, curators, critics and art appreciators across the world. UPDATE: This myspace influenced site is no longer available.

Deviant Art deviantART – The world’s largest online community of artists and art-lovers. deviantART lets you explore over 80 million original works of art, exhibit your artwork to an audience of over 11 million members, set up a profile, create galleries, and build a fan base, communicate, collaborate and learn from artists from over 190 countries, and make money selling your art in the deviantART Shop.

Behance Network Behance Network – Behance researches the most productive creative people and teams in the world, and then translates this knowledge, through the power of design, into products and services that help push ideas forward.



Lawlink Niche Social Networks - LawLink


Coffeenatic Niche Social Networks - Coffeenatic

baristaexchange1 Barista Exchange – the world’s premiere online community for the specialty coffee industry.

baristaconnection1 Barista Connection – Our goal is to connect the many layers of the specialty coffee industry, provide information and tools to advance the craft of the barista and create a place where you can voice your opinion. Update: This online coffee shop is closed.



Comic Network Niche Social Networks - comic network


Etsy Niche Social Networks - Etsy

artfire1 Art Fire – ArtFire, your home to buy and sell handmade items designed by artisans from around the globe.

getcrafty1 Get Crafty – Home of the craftistas.

crafterscommunity1 Crafters Community – Christmas Crafts and Holiday Crafts. Free Craft projects. Crafts for kids, sell your crafts, learn a new craft. Fun crafts, activities, resources and more…

supernaturale SuperNaturale – SuperNaturale is an independent site dedicated to the Do It Yourself culture in all its glorious forms. From simple afternoon home improvement projects to radical lifestyle choices- we love them all.

knittingnetwork3 Knitting Network – The Knitting Network is a social networking website designed to be used specifically by knitters. Here you will be able to connect with like minded individuals from across the globe. Update: This community is no longer available.

ravelry Ravelry – Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.



Ready Made Mag Niche Social Networks - ready made

instructables1 Instructables – Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.



Daily Mile Niche Social Networks - dailymile

dailyburn1 Daily Burn – DailyBurn is the fastest-growing diet and fitness tracking site on the web.

afaabd1 As Fit As A Butcher’s Dog – As Fit As A Butcher’s Dog is a fitness and wellbeing site for everyone, of any fitness level, in any part of the UK to meet like-minded people to exercise with. Update: This community is no longer available.

yogamates1 Yoga Mates – is the Web’s premiere online yoga community, bringing yoga off the mat and onto the internet.

yogajournal1 Yoga Journal – We are proud to present–an interactive, in-depth, yoga community website.

fitizens1 Fitizens – is the internet’s first social marketplace developed exclusively for Fitness Experts to connect to Fitness Enthusiasts. Update: This community is no longer available.

socialworkout1 Social Workout – Eat.Sweat.Blog is the fourth Social Workout challenge, and the first ever focused on healthy eating.


Change Niche Social Networks -

edenbee1 Edenbee – Edenbee is an online community of people who believe a little innovation can make a big difference to combat climate change. Update: This community is no longer available.

greenvoice1 Green Voice – We believe that it doesn’t take a huge organization to do huge things. Change happens thanks to small groups making a tangible difference to local problems. Awareness is raised by inspiring individuals speaking passionately about their concerns. You are those people.

Wiser Earth WiserEarth – Helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances.



Famiva Niche Social Networks - famiva

myfamily1 My Family – No matter how far away your family members are, everyone can stay connected by sharing photos, videos and stories from life’s most important events.


Tipd Niche Social Networks - tipd

socialpicks1 Social Picks – SocialPicks is a community where stock investors exchange ideas and track performance of financial bloggers.

stockpickr1 Stock Pickr – It’s like the financial news with all the news stripped out.

bizzlo1 Bizzlo – is the world’s first social bookmarking site for business and investing. allows investors to submit stories and investment ideas, comment on public filings or form groups based on particular investment styles.

meetpips Meet Pips – is a community for forex traders who wish to become more disciplined and consistently profitable. Create and share your trade journal, monitor your trade performance, meet and learn from other traders – all for free!

freshpips Fresh Pips – helps you unearth and share interesting and useful forex news and research handpicked from the web by forex traders, from the biggest news sites to little known blogs.

askpips AskPips – is an online community where you can ask and answer questions on any forex topic.



Group Recipes Niche Social Networks - group recipes

bakespace1 Bake Space – We’re a grassroots online community where people from around the world gather to share recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and express their passion for all things food-related.

foodcandy2 Food Candy – FoodCandy is conversational like eGullet or Chowhound, but it doesn’t take itself as seriously. FoodCandy discussions are also in rich full color with pictures and videos if you like.

nibbledish1 Nibbledish – Nibbledish is your gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly…


UGame Niche Social Networks - ugame

gamervision1 Gamer Vision – a video game community for like-minded gamers with user-generated gamer video game reviews, news, previews, blogs, groups, and forums.

raptr1 Raptr – Raptr is a social network that gives gamers a place to connect with one another over the games they frequently play.


GovLoop govloop

Heath Related:

Diabetic Connect Niche Social Networks - diabetic connect

imedix1 iMedix – iMedix is a free website that helps you find and share health information.

inspire1 Inspire – Inspire connects patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support. Inspire works with trusted health partners to build safe and secure health and wellness groups.

carepages1 Care Pages – CarePages websites are free patient blogs that connect friends and family during a health challenge.

myhopespace1 My Hope Space – offers cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, friends, family members, and their support network an easy way to communicate and share their stories.

ozmosis1 Ozmosis – The Trusted Physician’s Network, where good doctors go to become great doctors.

imedx iMed Exchange – VitalSigns is an exclusive iMedExchange physician resource and blog digest of actionable news and events that impact the bottom line of physicians.



Married Life Niche Social Networks - married life


Flixster Niche Social Networks - flixster


Muso City Niche Social Networks - musocity

redkaraoke Red Karaoke – The largest singing social network. Have fun singing and meeting people like you.



MyPara Niche Social Networks - mypara

supernaturalconnections1 Supernatural Connections – Supernatural Connections is a free social networking community for those interested in the supernatural, the paranormal or any type of unusual phenomena.

globalufospace1 Global UFO Space – This project is intended for everyone who is interested in paranormal phenomena (UFO, ghosts, crop circles and so on).


Niche Social Networks - peatot

parentsconnect Parents Connect – At ParentsConnect we don’t believe that parenting is a science. There’s no one way or right way to do it. So while we might not have all the answers, we can try to support you and help make your life a little easier.

minti Minti – Whether you are a parent of your first newborn baby, your teenage grandchildren are becoming difficult to understand, or you are planning a child and want to get a better idea what you can expect, Minti has the answers.

gotkidsnetwork Got Kids Network – GotKidsNetwork is a private place to connect with parents and share your lives. Finally, a social network built by and for Parents!


My Shutter Space Niche Social Networks - my shutter space

Reading / Books:

Good Reads Niche Social Networks - goodreads

librarything1 Library Thing – LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere—even on your mobile phone.

shelfari1 Shelfari – Shelfari is the premier social network for people who love books. Create a virtual shelf to show off your books, see what your friends are reading and discover new books – all for free!

Real Estate & Property:

Niche Social Networks - activerain

theflippingpad The Flipping Pad – We want to encourage real estate investment in ways that are sustainable for the community, the environment, and of course your own finances… Talking, sharing and communicating were immensely helpful when we got started.

trulia Trulia Voices – Trulia Voices is a community where you can get advice and share your knowledge with local experts.

Restaurant Industry:

Fohboh Niche Social Networks - fohboh


Burdastyle Niche Social Networks - burda style

quiltropilis Quiltropilis – for sharing quilting photos, sewing & quilting forums to discuss quilting & other projects, classified sections, a publishing section for articles, electronic quilt pattern postcards, personal email and your own personal home page!

patternreview1 Pattern Review – Helping you sew smarter every day.


Footbo Niche Social Networks - footbo

oleole1 Ole Ole – From the pitchside to the pub, dressing rooms to chat rooms, there’s one place you can go to get everything football. Where you can rant about a bad call. Get the latest scores and game rundowns from those who were there.


Star Trek:

Niche Social Networks - trekspace


Star Wars:

Star Wars Niche Social Networks - starwars


Picky Site Niche Social Networks - pickysite

qbn1 QBN – In it’s sixth year in operation, QBN has focused at curating, and documenting visual communication while building communities of the designers that are creating it.


Niche Social Networks - dopplr

mistercontact Mister Contact – Meet people interested in traveling with you.

wayn Wayn – WAYN is a lifestyle and travel social network connecting you with like-minded people wherever you are and whatever you’re up for doing.


Vegetarian Passions Niche Social Networks - vegetarian passions

veganforce1 Vegan Force – A place for vegans to network.

veganworld1 Vegan World – A site for vegans and vegetarians to meet like minded people.

Ultimate list of Ultimate lists

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Social Media

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26 Responses to “The Ultimate List of Niche Social Networks”

  1. Excellent list, thanks for posting. It’s just missing some property/real estate social sites (if there are any). Some of the other social sites will come in handy thought for some other projects I have. Thanks

  2. Thanks for posting such an extensive list! I didn’t realize that there were so many niche social sites. I’d love to see some travel-related sites added if anyone knows of any.

  3. Do you have anything based on demographics, such as 30+, seniors,
    (by age), by geographic location (city, state, area of country)? I’m discovering a use need for these as well. I’m also looking for leads on communities for divorced dads.

    Thanks for this list 🙂

  4. Lee Smith-Bryan

    @minorthreat – Travel section now added.

    @Chris – Most definitely! Look for those to be added soon.

    @Kim – I’ll be looking into those. I’ve seen those categories mentioned with more frequency recently.

    @Matt – When we have a category for that site, I’ll look to add it.

  5. Great post… I remember a niche social network on ebay for sale which I can’t see in the list, it was a community of Weed Smokers, can’t remember the name of it now… good website though. I niche social networks might be the way to go with facebook and myspace taking over.
    Although there maybe a few website out there which could challenge if there built correctly. Nobody knew twitter 5 years ago, so it can still happen.

  6. Matthew Wong

    Wow that’s an extensive list of social sites. I was wondering if you could recommend some for the education industry. We are looking to reach university students and people interested in doing overseas education programs. Cheers

  7. Hi, this is a great article. I don’t know if you’re still updating the piece (or have done an updated version, but it would be great to include for crafters who make unique handmade items.

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